Batman: Under the Red Hood Deluxe Edition HC

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Batman: Under the Red Hood Deluxe Edition HC

The mysterious Red Hood returns to Gotham with a vengeance!

Former Robin Jason Todd parted ways with the Batman over their vastly different approaches to crimefighting. Eventually, Jason trained himself to be a killer and a mercenary, and he took on a new identity and code name—the Red Hood—in order to strike his own brand of fear in Gotham’s criminals.

And now Batman must confront old wounds in an effort to stop the masked vigilante Red Hood.

For the first time ever, Under the Red Hood and The Lost Days are collected together to tell the complete story of Red Hood’s origin. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Jason Todd with this brand-new oversize hardcover featuring his infamous return to Gotham City as Red Hood and his long journey back from death.

Collecting Batman #635-641, Batman #645-650, Batman Annual #25, Red Hood: The Lost Days #1-6, and pages from Batman #617-618, along with a brand-new introduction by Judd Winick and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes material.


544 pages
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