About Vault13

1 About Vault13
1.1 Are you legit?

We've received this question more than once. The short answer? Yes. (But then again, a scammer would say that too!) We understand the confusion. Here’s a brief backstory: We initially started as a tattoo shop, later incorporating barber services and clothing into our concept. During COVID, we pivoted 180 degrees towards our true passion: Comics and collectibles. So, if you stumble upon heavily discounted clothing on our webshop, consider it our legacy.

1.2 How can I contact you?

We currently only offer customer service via mail at: [email protected] this has mainly to do with the fact that we hate phones. We strive to answer you within 24 hours.

1.3 What are your store hours?

We are only open for pickup. After purchasing you'll receive a link to schedule an appointment. The scheduling software will show availablity.

1.4 Do you have any current promotions or discounts?

We offer discounts on a selection of products. Check our banners to find discounted products. Or visit our sale page via: https://www.vault13.shop/collection/offers/

1.5 Do you offer a loyalty or rewards program?

Yes. We strive to build a special experience for our customers. Depending on your order history we'll present personal offers to you.

2 About our Products
2.1 Can I place a special order for a comic not currently in stock?

Not yet! We're working on a pre-order system but we're very lazy so it might take a while.

2.2 How often do you receive new releases?

Every week! We send out a newsletter with our latest arrivals every week, you can also refresh our store every thursday afternoon to see what's new.

2.3 Do you have [specific comic] in stock?

We hate it when webshops list every comic available without having inventory. We don't do that. Everything you see in our shop is available. Occasionally we've made a mistake or a product dissapeared. But that's not what we stand for.

3 Shipping
3.1 How are comics shipped?

Comics are always packed in a sealed bag with a backing board for extra protection. We use special envelopes designed specifically for shipping magazines and books. These envelopes are sturdy enough to withstand even the roughest handling by delivery services. If, for any reason, your comics arrive damaged, please let us know and we'll promptly find a solution.

3.2 How long does shipping take?

We try to send out orders every day before 16:00. In most cases it takes about 2 days from then. Weekends excluded.

3.3 Can I track my order?

Yes! As soon as we print your label an automated e-mail is send out which includes your Track & Trace. If you didn't receive one make sure you check your spam.

3.4 What is your policy on shipping during holidays?

Holidays are always a hell if it comes to shipping. Make sure you buy your presents early because we can't guarantee swift delivery during these days. If for some reason your package dissapears we always find a sollution.

3.5 What should I do if I receive the wrong item?

We are all human so errors occur. If you receive a wrong item, first yell: FUCKING MORONS. Then, send us an email at [email protected] and we'll fix the mistake asap!

3.6 Do you offer international shipping?

Sort of. We ship throughout the EU. (UK, you wanted to exit so you find your own incentives)

3.7 What happens if I'm not home during delivery?

Typically, the delivery service will attempt delivery again the next day. If not, they might casually leave your package with a neighbor (sometimes randomly selecting a house on your street, so do check with a few neighbors). As a last resort, they'll take your package to a pickup point where it will patiently wait for you for about 7 days. And on rare, whimsical occasions, you might find your package nestled among your yard plants (we're not kidding; it's happened before)!

4 Pre-Orders
4.1 The Pre-Order website is empty??
The pre-order window is typically open for approximately two weeks each month. We start updating the website with new items as soon as we receive the product lists from our supplier, which usually occurs in the first week of the month. By the end of the first week, the website is generally updated and ready for orders.
Due to the time required to process orders and the need to place these orders with our supplier before the 20th of each month, our website goes offline around this time. Therefore, pre-orders can be placed approximately between the 7th and the 20th of the month.
4.2 I don't have to pay when pre-ordering, what's up with that?

Correct, we are relying on your commitment. When you place a pre-order, we proceed to order the selected comics on your behalf. Once they arrive, we generate invoices for these items in your account. At that point, you can pay for the issues that have arrived and choose whether you want them held for later consolidation (stacked) or shipped immediately.

4.3 What if I pre-ordered and don't want the comics anymore?

Legally, there's nothing we can do. If you choose to pre-order and then fail to pay for your items, that is your decision. However, this doesn't imply we approve of such actions. Depending on the circumstances and our history with you, we may require payment in advance for future orders or cease accepting your pre-orders altogether. We trust you understand our position. Essentially, our guiding principle is simple: Don't be a dick.

5 Stack My Comics
5.1 What does "Stack My Comics" mean?

When you see a single item you want but feel shipping is a bit high, you can decide to stack your comic. We'll put it aside until your next order and ship all "Stacked"comics at once. You can stack as many single issues as you like. As soon as you place an order with a shipping method selected we send all your stacked orders at once.