Pre-orders at Vault13 explained

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Pre-orders at Vault13 explained

Unveiling Pre-Orders at Our Comic Store: Unlock Exclusive Discounts and Flexible Payment Options!


We are thrilled to announce a brand-new offering at our comic store that is bound to elevate your comic book shopping experience! Pre-orders have now been unlocked, paving the way for a seamless, flexible, and rewarding buying journey. Navigate to our exclusive pre-order platform:, where a plethora of captivating comics await your exploration.


A Trove of Checkout Codes to Optimize Your Order


We’ve meticulously curated a variety of codes to ensure that your checkout process is not only smooth but also replete with fantastic benefits. Dive into our pool of codes and emerge with the ones that resonate with your buying preferences:


Code 1: STACK


- Purpose: Say goodbye to extravagant shipping fees! Utilize this code if you fancy placing smaller orders over a span of time. 
- How it Works: With the "STACK" code, shipping becomes absolutely free. Choose to consolidate your separate orders at a later stage, and only pay the shipping fee once. 
- Combination: Feel free to combine this code with the subsequent two codes to maximize your benefits.




- Purpose: Opt for this code if you wish to secure your comics with a minimal downpayment. 
- How it Works: A nominal 25% of the total amount is required as a downpayment, allowing you to reserve your favorites. The remaining 75% can be settled before the shipment commences, once your cherished comics are in-store and primed for dispatch.
- Combination: Compatible with the "STACK" code for a delightful shopping experience.



- Purpose: Seize a whopping discount by settling the full payment upfront.
- How it Works: Avail a remarkable 10% discount on your pre-orders by opting to pay the complete amount immediately. This code is a tribute to your enthusiasm and trust.
- Combination: Perfectly pairs with the "STACK" code to optimize your savings.


Flexible Shipping to Suit Your Preferences


We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to shipping doesn’t cater to the unique needs of every comic enthusiast. Hence, we offer bespoke shipping options to resonate with your individual preferences:
- Monthly Shipments: Choose to receive your captivating comics once a month.
- Stack for Later Shipment: If patience is one of your virtues, feel free to stack your orders and opt for a consolidated shipment at a later date of your choosing.
Embark on a seamless pre-ordering journey replete with exclusive discounts, personalized payment options, and flexible shipping at
Your ultimate comic book shopping experience awaits!


Continuous Optimization and Personalized Customer Care

As we ardently embrace this exhilarating phase of introducing pre-orders, we want our cherished customers to know that optimization is at the forefront of our efforts. We are committed to continuously refining and enhancing the processes to deliver an impeccable and streamlined shopping experience.


Human Touch in Every Transaction

Every shipment option and query is meticulously handled with a personalized touch. Rest assured, we will proactively get in touch with you to discuss your preferences and craft custom solutions tailored to your needs. Our manual approach ensures that every aspect of your order is managed with utmost precision and care, aligning perfectly with your expectations.

Limited Window for Exclusive Pre-Orders

Seize the opportunity to indulge in this exclusive pre-ordering experience by ensuring that your orders are placed before the window closes. Mark your calendars for November 19th, with the curtain falling at 23:00 at night. This is your moment to unlock an unparalleled comic shopping experience, curated just for you!

Join Our Discord Community

Post your pre-order, we extend a warm invitation to join our Discord channel. Here, communication becomes smoother, allowing for effortless interaction and exchange of information. Our Discord community is a space where you can engage, inquire, and stay abreast of the latest updates and offerings.
Leap into a realm where pre-ordering is infused with continuous optimization, personalized attention, and a vibrant community experience. Join us in this extraordinary journey at, where your ultimate comic book adventure awaits!
Still got questions? Feel free to reach out at [email protected]