Adaptus Custodus: Vertus Preators

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Swooping into battle atop powerful Dawneagle jetbikes, squads of Vertus Praetors embody the epitome of speed and agility. These veteran warriors have witnessed countless conflicts across numerous worlds, understanding the true value of rapid maneuverability. Their purpose extends beyond simply engaging the enemy; they strategically position themselves to provide timely support where it is most needed. Wherever their comrades face the toughest opposition, the Vertus Praetors descend like golden lightning to reinforce them. With lightning-fast movements, they swiftly outflank and encircle the heaviest enemy vehicles, even posing a threat to airborne foes. By combining their firepower, the Vertus Praetors weave intricate webs of flak in the sky, causing enemy aircraft to meet a swift demise.

Contained within this multi-part plastic kit are the necessary components to assemble a squad of 3 Vertus Praetors. Mounted on their Dawneagle jetbikes, these warriors don slightly less bulky armor compared to their Adeptus Custodes counterparts, prioritizing lightness without compromising protection. Auramite chest plates, shoulder pads, and helmets safeguard their vital areas, while woven trousers, boots, and robes provide flexibility. The armor itself is meticulously adorned with finely sculpted sigils of the Emperor, showcasing Imperial eagles, lightning bolts, gemstones, and filigree. The aggressively-shaped cowling of their jetbikes also features similar intricate details. Equipped with interceptor lances and misericordia, the Praetors are formidable, while the Dawneagle jetbikes can be armed with either hurricane bolters or salvo launchers. These weapon options are visibly positioned at the front of the vehicle, with the engine and weapon feeds visible through gaps in the cowling. The controls boast a large screen adorned with an array of dials and buttons. Additionally, the kit provides the option to assemble a Shield-Captain, distinguished by a bare head.

Comprising a total of 111 components, the kit is accompanied by 3 Citadel 75mm Oval stands with flying stems, offering a stable and dynamic display for the assembled models.

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