Cult of Carnage: Misery TP

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Cult of Carnage: Misery TP

The mother of all symbiote stories! Liz Allan is Normie Osborn’s mom and is blissfully unaware that her son is the all-new and all-deadly Red Goblin! But she does know something strange is going on — and after her late husband’s father, Norman Osborn (maybe you’ve heard of him?), gets pulled into the chaos and violence swirls around Normie, Liz has no choice but to use the resources at her disposal as the head of Alchemax to take matters into her own hands and become something the Marvel Universe has never seen before! Meanwhile, Toxin and his fellow Life Foundation symbiotes have been stolen! But by whom? And why?! Regardless, it’s up to Liz to save the symbiotes before they fall into the wrong hands and unleash untold havoc across New York!

Collecting CULT OF CARNAGE: MISERY #1-5.


120 pages

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