Black Science Vol. 5: True Atonement TP

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Black Science Vol. 5: True Atonement TP

Grant McKay attempts to rescue his team from the evil of the Withering Woods, but his presence threatens to unravel a peace treaty between the world's gods and cost his daughter a hard earned happiness. The Dimensionauts' long jaunt through alternative realities is finally leading them back home, but what will it take to get there? More importantly, what has happened while they were gone?

The pulp sci-fi smash hit by RICK REMENDER & MATTEO SCALERA ramps up the stakes and the tension for its most exciting arc yet with a finale that will finally demonstrate the true damage the Pillar has wrought. Was Kadir right all along?

Collects BLACK SCIENCE #22-25

Trade Paperback
104 pages
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