Batman - Gotham Knights Gilded City #2

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Batman - Gotham Knights Gilded City #2

More than a century in Gotham’s past, the mysterious hero known as the Runaway investigates a rash of disappearances targeting the city’s working class. In the present, it’s Batman versus Nightwing! The Dark Knight’s further research into the volatile Golden Iris Virus leads him to Blüdhaven, and his former partner isn’t happy to see him.

Each issue will also offer a code for readers to redeem in the Gotham Knights game for an exclusive item. For issue 2, readers will receive a code for an exclusive skin variant for Nightwing’s escrima sticks! Readers who redeem the codes for all 6 issues will receive a special 7th item!

*Terms Apply. See the FAQs on for details.

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