Chaos Space Marines: Legionaries

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Even the mighty Space Marines are not immune to the allure of Chaos. Whether they originate from the dark days of the Horus Heresy or have more recently betrayed their cause, these ominous warriors combine their innate genetic gifts with sinister blessings and malevolent sorcery. Years of relentless battle have transformed them into fearless, superhuman reavers.

Chaos Space Marines serve as the foundation of any Chaos army. Equally proficient in unleashing devastating bolter fire from a distance or engaging in brutal close-quarters combat, these warriors can be equipped to fulfill various roles on the battlefield. With the option to bestow different Marks of Chaos, Chaos Icons, and deadly weapons upon them, they seamlessly integrate into any army composition.

This kit enables the assembly of 10 Chaos Space Marines, offering a variety of weapon choices. It includes a wealth of optional extras, allowing you to equip each squad member with close-combat weapons and pistols or ranged armaments. You have the flexibility to include plasma guns, flamers, meltaguns, heavy bolters, and missile launchers. Optional components allow the creation of up to two Aspiring Champions, enabling you to build either a single squad of 10 or two squads of 5. Additionally, a Chaos icon, interchangeable parts, and optional grenades provide even more customization, ensuring each unit stands apart. Moreover, the kit is designed to be compatible with Havocs, allowing for mixing and matching of heavy weapons to further expand your options.

This set contains 144 plastic components and includes 10 32mm round bases for basing the models.

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