Adeptus Custodes: Custodian Wardens

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This comprehensive kit enables the assembly of a Shield-Captain, a revered warrior from the Adeptus Custodes faction who embodies independence of thought and despises blind obedience. Each Custodian possesses a unique voice and is encouraged to use it. The Ten Thousand, as they are known, hold utmost respect for those who have repeatedly demonstrated exceptional judgment, strategic prowess, and mental fortitude. These distinguished Custodians are honored with the title of Shield-Captains, and their comrades follow them with unwavering loyalty and dedication.

Included in this multi-part plastic kit are the components required to construct a Shield-Captain. Adorned in magnificent auramite power armor, meticulously crafted with intricate Emperor's sigils, Imperial eagles, lightning bolts, gemstones, and filigree adorning every surface. The standard loadout for the Shield-Captain includes a castellan axe and misericordia, though the axe can be replaced with a guardian spear. The kit also provides distinct helmet plumes, shoulder pads, and thigh plates, allowing the Shield-Captain to stand apart from other Custodian Wardens.

In addition to the Shield-Captain, the kit offers the option to assemble either four Custodian Wardens or three Custodian Wardens accompanied by a Vexilus Praetor. The Custodian Wardens can be armed with either a guardian spear or castellan axe, and are equipped with a balistus grenade launcher and misericordia. The Vexilus Praetor proudly bears an ornate vexilla.

This kit comprises a total of 78 components and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases for basing the models.

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