Adeptus Mechanicus: Kastelan Robots

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Immerse yourself in the epic universe of Warhammer 40k with the awe-inspiring Kastelan Robot, a colossal ancient war machine crafted ten thousand years ago. As a testament to the Adeptus Mechanicus' mastery of repurposing technology, the Kastelan Robot stands as a formidable example. Nearly unstoppable on the battlefield, its sole flaw lies in its mechanical nature; it will follow instructions to the letter, even if it leads to its own demise. To prevent such calamities, a specialist Tech-Priest known as the Cybernetica Datasmith is tasked with constant updates and reprogramming of the Kastelan Robot via order dataslates. Without this vigilant oversight, the enormous machine may simply stride blindly into a nearby chasm. But make no mistake, when the controls are set to destroy, the Kastelan Robot will unleash devastating power.

Available at Vault13 Venlo's Warhammer store, this ninety-five component multi-part plastic kit provides everything you need to construct two Kastelan Robots and one Cybernetica Datasmith. The Kastelan Robots are armed to the metaphorical teeth, featuring options such as two sets of power fists, two sets of twin-linked phosphor blasters, and a choice of carapace-mounted weaponry, including incendine combustors or additional phosphor blasters (two of each are supplied). The Cybernetica Datasmith is equipped with a gamma pistol, dataspike, and a servo arm assembly featuring a rivet gun. With a prehensile socket drill, the Cybernetica Datasmith can reprogram the Kastelan Robots on-the-fly, adapting their strategies as the battle unfolds. The kit also offers a choice of two heads for the Cybernetica Datasmith, allowing for customization and personalization.

This kit includes two Citadel 60mm Round Bases for the Kastelan Robots and one Citadel 32mm Round Base for the Cybernetica Datasmith, providing solid foundations for these mighty machines on the tabletop.

Experience the might and technological marvel of the Kastelan Robot in the universe of Warhammer 40k. Visit Vault13 Venlo's Warhammer store today to acquire this kit and add these awe-inspiring war machines to your collection. Unleash their destructive power and witness their unwavering loyalty in the face of battle. With this kit, you possess the means to construct a truly formidable force that embodies the relentless strength and ingenuity of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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