Adepta Sororitas: Retributor Squad

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Advancement to the esteemed ranks of the Retributor Squads is a long and arduous journey for most members of the Orders Militant. The Sisters who form these warrior bands are known for their unwavering composure, indomitable will, and relentless determination. They are also renowned as some of the finest markswomen within their respective Orders. This is crucial, as the Retributors bear the weighty responsibility of providing precise fire support for their advancing Sisters on the battlefield. Equipped with heavy bolters, multi-meltas, and heavy flamers that rival the firepower of battle tanks, each Retributor squad is a devastating force to be reckoned with. Their expertise in target prioritization, identifying enemy vulnerabilities, and optimizing firing solutions further enhances their lethal effectiveness.

This kit allows the assembly of five Retributors accompanied by two Armorium Cherubs. The Retributors can be configured with your choice of heavy bolter, heavy flamer, or multi-melta (two of each weapon are included in the set). The Retributor Superior, a distinguished member of the squad, can be armed with a variety of ranged and melee weapons to suit your preference.

Containing a total of 115 plastic components, the set provides 5 Citadel 32mm Round Bases and 2 Citadel 25mm Round Bases for basing the models. Additionally, an Adepta Sororitas Transfer Sheet is included for additional customization options.

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